I had a random text from a man I know today, just telling me he was thinking of me and he wished me a Happy Thanksgiving.  It’s funny,  maybe a bit psychic, because I was thinking of him this morning.

Sometimes those random, kind gestures come at just the right time.  My client is very late for her appointment and I was a bit stressed, trying to figure how to fit her in elsewhere.  I’m thinking about cooking for the holiday, and when to squeeze in shopping for Christmas.  I’m concerned about family and how they are handling individual changes in their lives: a divorce for one with a child sharing time with each parent; a new baby for another; yet another will be traveling and I won’t be with him  for the first Christmas ever.

Yet when Jared sent me that simple text it was like taking a deep breath.  I tell people sometimes “it’s not all about you”.  Sometimes it’s not all about me.