What would you be like today, Mom and Dad, had you lived?  On your birthday last week, Dad, you would have been 100.  A century, had you lived past your mid sixties.  Mom, you’d be just a few years younger, yet you died in the mid-century of your life.  Sometimes my friends commiserate with each other over something one parent or another has done or said.  Not me.  Inside I’m thinking I’d be grateful.  Just plain grateful.

Over the past few weeks it’s been necessary to read some of the letters and journal entries you both wrote so long ago.  I was but 25 when you died, Mom.  An almost grown up person but one who still needed you.  And Dad?  When you were taken from us I was angry and bewildered.  I made a vow to not do this to my children, to my grandchildren.  And when I’m having down times, I remember that.  I won’t do it to my family.  I remember too well how hard it was and how much I still miss you.  Happy birthday Mom and Dad, I love you still.