Have you ever absolutely known the right answer?  Known it with such certainty that you would put money on it?

Last week we went to a charity event and there was a cape covered in money—real money.  Quarters, ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds…so many that you couldn’t really get a sense of how much it all added up to.  The goal was to pay one hundred dollars to guess the closest to the real amount without going over.  And I knew what I would guess immediately and with such certainty that I told my husband “if you don’t agree, pay for your own bet—I know mine is right”.  The number in my head was 1,260.  That’s the square footage of the very first home I ever sold, about twenty six years ago.  So that was my guess.  And yes, I won.  The cape has close to fifteen hundred dollars carefully and beautifully glued to it, but my guess was the closest guess under the amount.

Before we left the event nearly all was given back to the charity, then some to a Symphony group; some to a music classroom needing instruments, the balance to Planned Parenthood.  Maybe there is something to intuition after all.